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  • New The Compendium of Microbiological Protocols and Chemical Tests (COMPACT) - a newly developed analytical methods resource in eLEXNET
    • December 12, 2011 - The eLEXNET team is proud to introduce new FDA Compendium of Microbiological Protocols and Chemical Tests (COMPACT) functionality to eLEXNET. This new COMPACT functionality serves as the primary eLEXNET resource in support of emergency analytical and broad range food safety surveillance activities. COMPACT methods address FDA high priority areas where there are perceived gaps in existing methods and situations requiring high throughput and/or large sample volume applications.

      The tool was designed with easy to use search and browse capabilities so that food testing personnel can easily identify preferred methods to meet their testing needs. The core of the new COMPACT capability is the COMPACT Table of Contents (TOC) which lists approved methods in a logical easy to understand hierarchy. Basic and advanced search functions provide direct access to methods based on specific search criteria. In addition, users are also able to create and submit new methods and participate in the COMPACT community to share and discuss related information.

      Please take a moment to log in and explore the new COMPACT community.

  • Upcoming Releases
    • Updated and Simplified Reporting - To address usability and performance issues with the existing reporting solution, we are in the process of implementing a new reporting solution that will have a more intuitive user interface and produce reports significantly faster than it takes now. The existing reports will remain available to avoid any disruption to users who are using them. Additionally, we will provide web-based training and video-based training for the new reporting functionality.
    • Interagency Database for Dioxin
  • Usability - Throughout the upcoming year we will be making incremental improvements to eLEXNET to improve usability and the overall user experience


  • Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming newsletter, new reports, revamped eLEXNET user interface.